Want to Serve?

Welcome!  We've been praying for you!  It's great to know that you have a heart for serving those in need of legal assistance.

If you are interested in joining other Christian attorneys who care about serving the poor through the love of Christ consider becoming a member of Christian Legal Society.

Serve in a local CLA clinic

If you are interested in serving in an existing Christian Legal Aid (CLA) program, search our Clinic Directory to see if there is a program near you.

Start a new CLA clinic

If there is no existing CLA program in your community, consider starting one!  If you are interested in starting a program, review the following document for information on starting a new CLA program:

E-mail us at CLA@clsnet.org with any questions and to let us know of your interest. We are here to help you!

Biblical Call to Justice for the Poor Podcast

Special expertise?

Do you have a special expertise that could be of benefit to CLA programs?  Consider helping to train CLA leaders and attorneys through webinars and workshops on topics such as: fundraising, nonprofit operations and governance,  and substantive legal topics (e.g., family law, consumer law, immigration, etc.)

Support Christian Legal Aid

Our Christian Legal Aid program depends on the support of generous donors.  Please consider a financial donation to help us help others in starting a growing CLA clinics around the country.  

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