2021 CLS National Conference Workshops



This is a sampling of workshops that we expect to be provided at the 2021 CLS National Conference. Most will be available for CLE credit, which is dependent on each individual state and their CLE application requirements. Those workshops for which CLS has applied for CLE approval are marked with an asterisk (*). A final list, with CLE availability, will be provided on-site. Please note these offerings are subject to change. 


  • Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs, Transhumanism, and the Law* - Matthew Eppinette


  • Legal Hotspots for Churches and Nonprofits* - Rob Showers, Justin Coleman, and Will Thetford
  • Advising Churches on Abuse Prevention Systems* - Sally Wagenmaker, Theresa Sidebotham, and Jeff Dalrymple


  • Legal Ethics: Pitfalls in a Post-Pandemic World* - Natt Gantt
  • Bias in the Legal Profession and ABA Model Rule 8.4(g)* - Kim Colby


  • Advising Clients to Apologize and Forgive* - Peter Robinson
  • Reflecting Christ in Estate Planning* - Joshua Hummer
  • Attorneys as Peace Sowers and Conciliators, Parts 1 and 2* - Ken Sande
  • What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about International Law and Human Rights* - Jeff Brauch
  • Can Federalism Rise from the Grave?* - Brad Jacob
  • The Attorney's Role in Suicide Prevention* - Steve Moore


  • Conflict Coaching* - Matthew Argue and Harold Coleman, Jr.
  • Basic Christian Arbitration* - Matthew Argue and Harold Coleman, Jr.
  • Creed, Conduct, and Constitutionalism: How the Gospel is Politically Necessary and Necessarily Political - Jeff Ventrella

Practice Specific

  • Creation Care 101* - John Murdock
  • Intellectual Property Basics for Business and Nonprofits* - Leslie Vander Griend
  • Labor and Employment Law: Observations Based on 35 Years of Representing Management* - Norm Hawkins
  • The Fight to Die: An Update from the Front Lines in the Battle Against Suicide by Physician - Catherine Glenn Foster
  • Pro-Life is Winning: How the Pro-Life Movement has Saved Lives and Made Abortion (Almost) Unthinkable* - Steve Aden
  • Recent Changes to Immigration Law* - Lina Hughes and Lance Conklin
  • Best Practices in Employee Benefits: Reducing Liability and Saving Money* - Wesley Covert
  • Caring for Foster and Step Children in the Christian Community* - Deborah Ausburn

Religious Freedom

  • A Primer on Church Autonomy* - Carl Esbeck
  • Religious Freedom Update* - Reed Smith
  • Advising Christian Organizations in a Post-Bostock World* - Matthew Doane and Clint Elliott
  • Protecting Religious Freedom Through Federal Land Use Laws* - Ryan Lee and Noel Sterett
  • Religious Freedom Plenary Session* - Kim Colby, Carl Esbeck, Casey Mattox, Eric Treene, and Lori Windham; moderated by Stanley Carlon-Theis

Sexual Exploration

  • Sex Trafficking: The Problem, the Law, and Proposed Solutions* - Benjamin Bull

General Wellness

  • The Attorney's Role in Suicide Prevention* - Steve Moore